New World Record holders!!!

Posted by Paul Janson on November 16, 2017 at 4:05 PM

What a buzz, what a weekend, what great people, what a great event and what a hill!!!


I have piloted carts and bikes and been a passenger on a sidecar at some of the UKs best gravity events, Cairngorm, Dalby and Border Bogies, which have their own challenges and moments, but this hill at l'Ultime Descente, is superb.

Its not technical, its not long, but you need to have a good set up and you need to be on it at all times, as it is fast!

The start is a gentle roll off, but the speed picks up quickly as you start on the initial 10% gradient, round a sweeping right hand bend. Pick your and line stick to it. Focus on the next section - the 18% drop.

There is absolutely no time to take in the stunning view, which is approaching fast. You staighten up and pick your line between the guardrail on the left and the central barrier. On the bike you tuck in just a little more, grip the bars a little tighter and feel every single movement as 16" bicycle tyres wheels race over the surface of the road pushing towards 70MPH, and into territory they have possibly never been tested.

This section is a rush - you on a machine buit by yourself - with no propulsion other than mother nature - the acceceration and speed pushing you beyond 70mph - WOW!

The timing section looms up very quickly and flashes by in an instant, barely visible, even though they are flourescent orange lines across the road - but is not all over.

The incline may flatten off, but you are now into the slowdown/braking zone, where the road appears to narrow and the concrete barrier to the left is an imposing feature, which will show no mercy. if you get complacent or unlucky. Sitting up to induce some drag helps to slow the bike down gently, before you round the last corner and the last 10% gradient and begin the final braking towards the end of the run.

We had some issues, but we weren't going to let them stop us having a go.There is defintely a lot more in the cart and we know we have some improvemts to make. Another attempt will defintely be on the cards.

In the end we achieved our intial goals of going over 70MPH, on the cart and the bike and set three new WGSA records as well.

Iain Rooney - Cart 200Kg Limited Open Wheel Canopy - 113.20kmh 70.33mph

Paul Janson - Unlimited Speed Bike NF (Non faired) - 114.77kmh 71.31mph

Paul Janson - Unlimited Speed Bike F (faired) - 114.28kmh 71.01mph

Will we try again - you bet!

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