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New World Record holders!!!

Posted by Paul Janson on November 16, 2017 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

What a buzz, what a weekend, what great people, what a great event and what a hill!!!


I have piloted carts and bikes and been a passenger on a sidecar at some of the UKs best gravity events, Cairngorm, Dalby and Border Bogies, which have their own challenges and moments, but this hill at l'Ultime Descente, is superb.

Its not technical, its not long, but you need to have a good set up and you need to be on it at all times, as it is fast!

The start is a gentle roll off, but the speed picks up quickly as you start on the initial 10% gradient, round a sweeping right hand bend. Pick your and line stick to it. Focus on the next section - the 18% drop.

There is absolutely no time to take in the stunning view, which is approaching fast. You staighten up and pick your line between the guardrail on the left and the central barrier. On the bike you tuck in just a little more, grip the bars a little tighter and feel every single movement as 16" bicycle tyres wheels race over the surface of the road pushing towards 70MPH, and into territory they have possibly never been tested.

This section is a rush - you on a machine buit by yourself - with no propulsion other than mother nature - the acceceration and speed pushing you beyond 70mph - WOW!

The timing section looms up very quickly and flashes by in an instant, barely visible, even though they are flourescent orange lines across the road - but is not all over.

The incline may flatten off, but you are now into the slowdown/braking zone, where the road appears to narrow and the concrete barrier to the left is an imposing feature, which will show no mercy. if you get complacent or unlucky. Sitting up to induce some drag helps to slow the bike down gently, before you round the last corner and the last 10% gradient and begin the final braking towards the end of the run.

We had some issues, but we weren't going to let them stop us having a go.There is defintely a lot more in the cart and we know we have some improvemts to make. Another attempt will defintely be on the cards.

In the end we achieved our intial goals of going over 70MPH, on the cart and the bike and set three new WGSA records as well.

Iain Rooney - Cart 200Kg Limited Open Wheel Canopy - 113.20kmh 70.33mph

Paul Janson - Unlimited Speed Bike NF (Non faired) - 114.77kmh 71.31mph

Paul Janson - Unlimited Speed Bike F (faired) - 114.28kmh 71.01mph

Will we try again - you bet!

Join us in Canada

Posted by Paul Janson on June 22, 2017 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Be part of Team Rooket and be in Canada with us, as we attempt to set new WGSA speed records.

How can you be part of our adventure, supporting us and a great charity?

You could have YOUR NAME on the cart and be speeding along with us. We have confirmed we will be raising funds for West Sound – Cash for Kids, so you will be helping them too.

For £10 you will be helping to support us, but more importantly helping children who need it. For every £10 we receive, for someone wanting their name on the cart - the charity will receive a guaranteed minimum of £5.

However, If we receive more funding than we need, then the charity will receive more money, as we are not looking to make a profit from this.

Payment is easy and straightword, by using PayPal,Me

Or contact me at [email protected] for other options.

Every person will also get a thank you post on the facebook page.

Team Rooket are heading to Canada

Posted by Paul Janson on June 22, 2017 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Iain and Paul will be heading to Canada, mid September 2017 to compete at l'Ultime Descent and challenge for class records in the cart and the gravity bike.

More details will follow here and also on facebook -

Brechin and SCA Championship number 3.

Posted by Paul Janson on October 25, 2014 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Team Rooket debuted a new new driver for the final event of the season "The Halloween in the City" cartie race at Brechin.

Iain was unable to race, due to work commitments, so Paul's son, Ryan, had always wanted to have a go, so was given the opportunity.

With dad also running the gravity bike it was going to be a busy day, with Paul also racing in the cart competitively for the first time, this year.

The weather did not look promising with rain early on, but we were hoping for a correct weather report and a prediction of a dry day from mid morning.

Once we had arrived and set up the rain had stopped, however the corse was still damp, which would be a challenge for the right hander half way down the course.

With Ryan strapped in for his first competivite run, after a successful and uneventful first run, he was given instructions to bring the cart (and himself home in one piece) and not try the right hander flat out. After waiting for what seemed an age, Ryan came back beaming from ear to ear, having thouroughly enjoyed his first run. It soon transpired why - he had been "entertaining the crowds with a big tail -out slide at the righthander :).

Having seen Ian McIntosh and Woodworm put in a blistering times, I had to go out nest and try to beat them. However, not this time - I beat Woodworms time by two seconds, but could could only get within one second of Ian's run, wich took first place for the Pro carts. Second was a good result and enough to take our third SCA championship.

A great day in Brechin once again with goods crowds and great organisation -will we be back for more again next year - you bet!  :) :) .


Once again, thanks go to some of the suppliers who have helped us out this year and really are a knowledgable and helpful :

East Coast Fibreglass  

RM Bearings

McGills Motorsport

Dalby Forest Soapbox Derby 2014

Posted by Paul Janson on August 12, 2014 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Just back from another excellent weekend at Dalby Forest Sopbox derby. With both the bike and cart taking home trophies (2nd for bike and 3rd for cart) on a very fast and challenging course, made even more interesting withthe weather conditions.

A msssive thanks to Andy Ash and Michelle Beckwith for organising and hosting not only the racing, but all of the other facilities and the entertainment. :)

The rain may have come down in biblical proportions over the weekend at times and shortend the racing on Sunday (a wise decision and I think all would agree), but all enjoyed the weekend and look forward to racing back here again.

A special mention has to go to those who brought "vehicles" for the novelty event on Saturday...what a hoot and goes to show we can have a laugh as well.

On the friday run down it was also an opportunity to call in and see the team at East Coast Fibreglass  to show what we have been using the materials for, as they were keen to see the cart, the bike and the converted freedom caravan. A big thanks to Gary who took time out of his busy schedule to spend time with us and we have come away a lot wiser as a result.

Also thanks to RM Bearings for supplying us with a spare set of bearings for the caravan at very short notice. It meant we could get to the event knowing if there was an issue we could change out and get going quickly.


Posted by Paul Janson on October 21, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Another succesful year for Team Rooket, which would not have been possible for the following:

DMR bikes - - the Revolver hubs have always been excellent.

East Coast FibreGlass - - excellent products and very friendly and helpful.


McGill Motorsports - - Fast, friendly, efficient, we have always used them for the rose joints and the steering wheel quick release.

R&M Bearing - - Helpful and good quality bearings. We have used the hybrid ceramic bearings all season without fault and they do make a difference.

All of the above also have loads of other products and we recommend them for the service they have provided. Have a look at their websites for what they have to offer.

A big thanks also goes to the organisations and the army of volunteers who set up and run the the events. Also to the forums, including the Scottish Cartie Association for the championship and a focal point for cartie news.

And last, but not least, our two long suffering wives, who have to put up with us, spending hours in the shed or garage.

Brilliant Brechin

Posted by Paul Janson on October 21, 2013 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

What a setting for the last race of the season, a 900m course through the city centre, the most carts assembled at a Scottish event this year and it was absolutely tipping it down from the heavens!

Not that it stopped us all having a good day!

With a practice run each and 3 timed runs planned, It was going to be a challenge to see who could post the fastest time, while negotiating the right hander half way down the course, which was made tricky with the very wet conditions and the straw from the bales, scattered accross the road. 

Going all out was not an option as the practice runs confirmed, so a dab of the brakes just before the corner was enough to scrub off some speed, without over cooking it and spinning out.

With the championship up for grabs it was crucial to get a good clean run, especially as the weather did not look as if it would improve. Not long after Paul had completed his second timed run, the organisers called a halt to the event due to the ever worsening conditions, but not before Paul posted the teams fastest run and ultimately the fastest time of the day.

Two results in one day - fastest time of the day and the SCA championship, meant only one thing. A good night out with two of the other teams, Where's me Spanners and Centa Bavaria.

Many thanks to all who were involved in setting up and running the event, without them it would not have been possible.

Here's to next year :)

Hawksland Hill success

Posted by Paul Janson on July 8, 2013 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

After the cart set-up was wrong for Border Bogies, we spent a couple of nights checking and rechecking for the next event at Hawksland Hill, Lanark. A local event and a different challenge, with all proceeds going to two very worthy charities Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and MacMillan Cancer Care.

While most events are based on speed, this one is all about distance. We arrived early, offloaded the cart and rekkied the hills. Yes, hills. One to go down the other to go up.

With 3 runs planned for the SCA carties, (us and Wheres me Spanners) and Iain driver for the day, the SCA carts were up first and had a challenge to beat the previous years record of over 670m.

With the sun burning off the clouds, Iain was strapped in and ready to go he went out and posted three extremely consistent runs with an aggregate distance of 2274m - 228m ahead of our nearest rivals.

As a bonus, there was a challenge to see if we could reach the road end, almost 2miles over undulating roads, before the roads had to be reopened, for the cows to come back in. 

Unfortunately, Iain couldn't quite make it, but was only about 100m short, beaten by the last incline. The challenge is set for next year.

1st place and 15 points in the bag, mean its still going to be very close for the championship again this year.

1 Week to go to Border Bogies

Posted by Paul Janson on May 16, 2013 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Well there is almost one week to go till Border Bogies. New bearings for the wheels have arrived in super quick time from RM Bearings, which means Suturday will be busy, refitting bearings and setting up. 

With both of us having busy work schedules we may almost be ready, without the last minute rush and late nights - lets hope so.

Naecost reborn

Posted by Paul Janson on October 25, 2012 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Naecost 2 was officially declared rebuilt and race ready for our first event the Halloween in the City – Cartie Race at Brechin, since CSE2012. All tracked up and brakes bedded in.

Big thanks to:

DMR Bikes


McGills Motorsport

for supplying the parts we needed and quickly. 

Pictures and videos to follow.